Why buy from us

Why buy from us

True Value - KUNLUN has built its enviable reputation on unique global sourcing relationships, strong eCommerce presence, deep discounts, fast delivery and full customer satisfaction. Our true value advantage allows our customers to stay ahead of the competition.

Large Inventory - Our commitment to maintaining a large inventory ensures greater product access to fulfill your most diverse requirements. We also stock hard to find end-of-sale and legacy industrial automation instrument and process control equipment.

Partnerships - Our partnerships with international distribution partners all over the globe will help us locate hard-to-find equipment and can reduce shipping costs if you need equipment in another country.

Worldwide Delivery Getting equipment to remote locations is our specialty, and our knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern the exporting of equipment will ensure the speediest worldwide delivery. We offer safe packaging, fast worldwide delivery and 99.9% order and shipping accuracy.

Technical Knowledge KUNLUN has brought together a talented multilingual team of professionals with decades of experience in high-tech distribution, supply chain management, logistics, industrial automation, network technologies, and customer care.

Warranty Assurance - We have developed proven quality control procedures for used industrial automation instrument and process control equipment. KUNLUN provides 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all products. Advanced replacement is available for Warranty Replacement.

Same Day Shipping We know you don’t have time to wait. Because we typically have the component you need in stock, we can usually box and ship your networking hardware the same day. Our west coast location also means that we, as well as our carriers, are still working when companies on the east coast and in the Midwest have already closed up shop. As soon as we locate your equipment, consider it shipped.

Customer Satisfaction. Trusted by over 300 customers worldwide we are committed to total customer satisfaction by offering top-level customer service and technical support.